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Versuri Buju Banton - Destiny

Verse 1
the rich man's wealth is in the city
destruction of the poor is his poverty
destruction of your soul is vanity
do you hear?
I and I, I wanna rule my destiniy
I and I, I wanna rule my destiniy

destiny, mama look from when you call me
destiny, mama look from when you calling
I wanna rule my destiniy
yeah, yeah, oh help I please Jah Jah mek mi rule

Verse 2
I've been blessed I've been touch
I love Jah so much
they keep fighting me I'm not giving up
may the realms of zion fill my spiritual cup
wisdom overstanding can never be too much
give I protection day and night

cast away their chords from us
you have them in the region in the valley of decision
restraining the heathen with a rod of iron
you know not the destiny of a next man
why hold him set, set him free too long

Verse 3
my destination is homeward bound
though force try to hold I down
breaking chains has become the norm
I know I must get through no matter what
a gwaan

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