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Versuri Buju Banton - Circumstances

cicumstances made me what i am
was i born a violent man
circumstances made me what i am
everyone should understand

Verse 1
may sound strange, may be foolish
but these things ain't getting better
everyday another fall victim to the bereter
why is there so much violence
killing we one another
let us to learn live and let that light shine brighter
bad influence through influence the youths dem get slaughter
as bad as badman use to be
dem respect di father
is like no eyes no realize she
times get harder
mi talk al night with all mi might
but still is laughter


Verse 2
him, say when I try to co-op
tell mi self there is hope
it seems like the biggest joke
and as I put down the gun
still dollars must run
all now employment can't come
have mi a jam and a cool
want go back in a school
the system lick mi
there is no hope for those
who have not and are from the slum
take di little much
we still hunting we down
i beg unu show some love
unu wi get back, he replied


well a no little cry
cry mamma cry, cry pap too
she warn the bwoy with all heart
and that couldn't do
now dem find him dead with a smith and wesson
six weeks and change
now mi hear him missing
why so much violence, too much violence
it hurts my sould and I won't keep quiet


Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Verse 2

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