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Versuri Buju Banton - Chuck it so

You Mr. Big Man
Yes you same one
Always studying something new
Ever disturbing people, you and your crew
Always up to something bad
How you a go on like bully so
On the border like you not going
I want to know what got into you
Why you walking and chuck it so
Word go round say the man them from up so say
Then a go corn you
Don't bother form no fool
And go back down there
Can't say I never warned you
You must jam one away
And ever lay lay
That way them can't harm you
You must move well alert
And expect any foul play
Those men know where you work
Where you sleep
Where you play
Dis the wrong set a man you got to run away
Force ripe bad boy
Who was wicked yesterday
You was in Grade 5
I was in Grade 9
Humble'er than you little boy you couldn't find
Now you murdering people what's got into your mind
Kill so much people
Every day the number climb
Now your friends are after you
Your life is on the line
Start playing the role name John hard to find
This is Buju B
You better start rewind
Don't have any responsibility
Not responsible
Not a baby mother to go home to
Laing, Ford and Amin every body want you
Five bad man hunting you
Now it double
Public nuisance
It's either kill the law
Or they murder you
Take it easy hear it from Buju
Straight from my heart
It's coming to you
Then I'm asking

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