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Versuri Buju Banton - 54/46

i've been incarcerated
accused of crime
placed in the bottomless pit pit to do my time
it was the grace
of the most high, savior divine
yeah, i'm free of bondage
it's the every day life if the under privilege
taken into custombadly treated
curfew inner city ever nook and ever cranny
dem claim dem a lock fi rudie

dem spread me out pon a zinc fence
bok off mi cap
before me say who dat
mi end up in a jeep back
all dressed in monkey suit fire arm cock
one ask mi weh mi wok
an him say no back chat
bwoy weh yu live
an mi nuh answer back
him say yu never know seh
yu fi respect di knotch
this is a campaign to clean up all spot
fling di boot a in mi stomach
mi hear mi ribs crack
black and blue my eye dem
claim me love chat
wait yuno know seh yu fi respect the law
wait deh little bit deh bwoy a knife you a draw
gi mi little deh mek a just

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