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Versuri Alone
- Buckcherry

*A dangerous obsession
A do or die confession
I won't leave you alone.

Standing in the combat zone
Taking you where you belong
You are staring at the seeker of your heart
Right beneath you in the chase
Step a left too much to take
You can't make it there, my back's against the wall
Mark my words he's gonna fall.

(Repeat *).

Open up I'm coming in
Got to have you, I came to win
I'm watching you everywhere you are
Don't look now, no time to waste
The one that's all up in your face
He don't want you like the way that I want you
Mark my words he's gonna fall.

(Repeat *).

Are you alright?
Your my lifeline
Set me free
Are you alive?.. yeah.

(Repeat *x2).

I won't leave you alone
I won't leave you alone