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Versuri Buc Fifty - Dead end street

Artist: Buc Fifty
Album: The World Famous Beat Junkies Volume 2
Title: Dead End Street

You're walkin' down a dead end street
I said you're walkin' down a dead end street
F***' with me
You're walkin' down a dead end street
I said you're walkin' down a dead end street
"And you can't cross me"

Verse 1:
It's not necessary to lay a fowl tongue on me my friend
That only leads to dead ends tu comprende comprehend?
I'm a human warhead
Please mercy you know bet
Bucacom with the knowledge of wealth that I'm a shed
Break bread death breeds money Bucfusius said
But I ain't gonna die alone I put somebody to bed
I ain't Sylvester but I'm still a looooone young Judge Dread
And to the streets I plead
Down with the hardest of heads
Call my Bucky the Kid or Buctradomus
King Buc for short or King Buc and Common
Campaign Bucanomics
Sucka free street movements are bionic
High power supersonic movin' faster than comets

Indian? worth my weight in diamonds
Plus I'll make you die man


Verse 2:
Killer technology I leave trails of bullet shells
Like Hansel & Gretel did with the bread
But except instead
To get home I follow the path of the dead
Puttin' it back together like Smooth, E and Ray
Retarded kids are smarter kid I'm sick in the head
Christopher Reevein' was the way I was breed (he he)
Slidin' on fools like Jamaican bobsleds
Make rastas dread
Grab heat from tool shed
And these are the straps that I manifest
I 'm waitin' to catch wreck on all you f***n
_____ mission at the continent
With the usual suspects that you can't neglect
Get real with or play chess
I take showers in my pants more luck than Irish
Why you jam like Tecs I'm taxin' like the IRS
Signin' out Buc but again adieus God Bless


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