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Nothing less than love - versuri Bryan White |

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Versuri Bryan White - Nothing less than love

She cries just a little when she sees him walk away
After all, she can't see it any other way
And it's heard when you're feeling like there's nothing left to lose
No she can't help it, she sees no excuse

There's no good in her goodbye
There's no tear she hasn't cried
But it's not enough
She needs nothing less than love
Don't say the sacrifice is small
And no one ever has it all
When all she wants
Is nothing less than love

You can stand in the middle and see it either way
That's just how it is, no one ever wants the blame
So she'll pick up the pieces and pretend she just can't see
Cause all she's looking for is some room to breathe

(repeat chorus)

She knows better than to wait
Just keep waiting till it's too late

(repeat chorus)

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