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Versuri Bryan Ferry - Party doll

When the world outside of you
Seems to weigh too much for you
Then draw within' yourself
For there is no-one else
Well it's a sin
What I'm sayin'
But it's truth

Black and blue has turned to grey
Real life pictures gone astray
But don't give in
Imagination rules again
It's a sin
What I'm sayin'
But it's the truth

Party doll
Oh how you turn me on
Now the day's for sleepin'
For I'll be leapin' all night long

Party doll
Without you I can't go on
Now the way I'm figurin'
You'll be Leda
And I'll be Swann........

It's a sin
What I'm sayin'
But it's truth

And if our secret love
Is haunting you -
No-one can hold me
Like you used to do........

Party doll - what's your game?
Do you move, or entertain
What people say
When it don't mean a thing
It's a sin
Heads they lose
Tails you win

Party doll - I must confess
This wishin' well of loneliness
Has dragged you down
I'll wind you up - let's twist again
It's a skin
Skin to skin

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