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Versuri I can't take
- Bruce Kulick

Sometimes, I got this feeling inside
I gotta have it all
I've tried, to keep it steady and slow
But I had a make this call.

It's late, probably a quarter to three
I'm all wound up again
Your not home, feels like I'm gonna explode
This game has gotta end.

You need it..
I want it..
You know it's time you lose control.

I can't take, I can't take it anymore
I wanna make, I wanna make you scream for more.

Verse II
Hot sweat, running down your face
Now watcha gonna do?
In my net, I think you're getting caught
You gotta make your move.

You want it..
I need it..
It's time we both lost control.


I wanna take you, I wanna take you home
I wanna hear you, I wanna hear you moan