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Versuri Bruce Cockburn - Tropic moon

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Away from the river Away from the smoke of the burning Fearful survivors Subject of government
directives One sad guitar note Echoes of the wall of the jungle Seen from the air they're just
targets with nowhere to run to

Children of rape Raised on malnutrition Men in camouflage Filled with a sense of mission Light
through the wire mesh Plays on the president's pistol Like the gleam of a bead of sweat in the flow
of a candle

Hear the cry in the tropic night Should be the cry of love but it's a cry of fright Some people
never see the light Till it shines through bullet holes

The tropic moon Bathing a beach fringed with palms Glitters on shells And beach tar and coke cans
And on the night-coloured boat And on the barrels of guns In the rage in the hearts of these men is
the seed of a wind they call Kingdom Come

Hear the cry...

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