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Versuri Bruce Cockburn - Trickle down

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Picture on magazine boardroom pop star
Pinstripe prophet of peckerhead greed
You say "Trust me with the money -- the keys to the universe"
Trickle down will give us everything we need

Brand new century private penitentiary
Bank vault utopia padded for the few
And it's tumors for the masses coughing for the masses
Earphones for the masses and they all serve you

Trickle down give 'em the business
Trickle down supposed to give us the goods
Cups held put to catch a bit of the bounty
Trickle down everywhere trickle down blood

What used to pass for education now looks more like ignoration
Take the people's money and slip it to the corporation
Yellow rain golden shower pesticide firepower
Summon feudal demons of sweatshop subjugation

Workfare foul air homeless beggars everywhere
Picturephone aristocrats lounge around the pool
Captains of industry smiling beneficently
Leaky hull supertanker ship of fools

Trickle down etc...

Takeover takedown big buck shakedown
Schoolyard pusher of the anything-for-profit
First got to privatize then you get to piratize
Hooked on avarice – how do we get off it?

Trickle down etc...

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