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Versuri Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in paradise

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Praying mantis on screen Canoes prowl reef in early morning sun As it flashes on the rhythmic fall
of weed cutter's cutlass blade Everybody's got something to sell besides the obvious dollars and
dope Aloe rub, starfish, vegetable patties, braid your hair miss and bush doctor cures Sudden angry
eruption between aloe peddler and man with property to protect Muscular security guard with
truncheon of twisted wire "Kiss my blood clot" she hisses and they're enemies for life In
the beach front bar they're playing reggae versions of Jim Reeves' Greatest Hits The waitress sings
along, eyes focused dreamily on that sentimental world and there's Dancing in Paradise...

Blue green ship in turquoise bay Swollen bauxite-red river rushing Stream rising from feathered
bamboo hills Tracks once paved now falling away into deep lush valleys And the farmed-out road
contracts pass through so many hands The print erodes with the weather-worn blacktop And the
jungle's always trying to reclaim the right of way And the mangoes c***o turmeric goats soursop
Mushrooms cane plantains limes Horses crayfish long-legged birds donkeys Curved horns of cattle
above dense grass Ganja sensitive plant ackee And some thorn whose prick brings lockjaw And tires
torn by sharp yellow rocks -- Young girl stares pensively from dark door in pale blue wall Big About
and friends at their crossroads bar With its dirt corral for dancing Drink soursop juice all day
long In quest of the perpetual stiff bamboo And there's Dancing in Paradise...

Biggy Dread gunned down by police at Big Bridge March 16 Riding a mule cart to Sav-la-Mar pulled out
a cutlass and they had to shoot That's what they say Something tells me they like to shoot Something
in the eyes of the ones at the road block Where they searched the car and tried to get us to confess
to whatever... There's truncheons and gas down in Harbour St. Typical response where life isn't so
sweet And somebody gets desperate enough to say so Price of fish price of flour Going up up up
almost by the hour And they throw away money on spectacular shows To show the world the right likes
the right music And the Prime Minister sucks ice cream in the company of a happy band of children
While a naked man, sores on his neck, Lies for days in Washington Blvd. gnawing chicken bones And
the Chamber of Commerce thinks there's too much crime And there's a kung fu movie in every town And
there's Dancing in Paradise...

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