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Versuri Driving nails
- Bruce Carroll

trimise de IzabelaIzabela.

Since that blessed night in the manger, she watched her baby grow,
It seems Like yesterday He was in her arms, where did the time go? ,
He learned His Fathers trade, as she marveled at It all,
The sweat dropped from her Little Carpenter as He made the timbers fall,
She can hear them driving nails upon the Hillside,
and she prays that His spirit will not fail,

she watches as her young man undertakes His Fathers Will,
as she stands and listens to the driving nails
In the streets of Jerusalem a child can disappear,
She was frantic as She looked for Him, Until She began to hear,
hammers up at the temple, she called Him as she ran,
surprised she found Him teaching like no ordinary man
Darkness covered all the land in the middle of the day,
she began to tremble as the earth began to quake,
Hammers, Nails & Timbers of The Carpenters Trade,
made the sound that pierced her soul as the Cross was being raised
And She cries and Listens To the Driving Nails