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Versuri Brokencyde - Till death do us part

trimise de Bubu26Bubu26.

Freezing to death in this rain,
I still the remember the day,
I never thought that Id remember your name,
You said youd always be there for me,
But you never remained,
Forever I drained,
These memories of everything sane,
Psychotic, but I glocked that shot it next to my brain,
The clip was empty so I never felt the pleasure of pain,
But I seriously wish on that day that clip was equipped with bullets,
I pulled the trigger now love, this is a bitch to pull it,
All of this hint (cassilling?), nothing can save this killing,
I thought you cared for me, why're you running away from fillings?
You quoted in your eyes, you agreed to begin,
But that was gibberish, after this, you wont be breathing again.
I was decieved by a friend whod been a demon within,
Was telling me not to do what I needed, but I wasnt believin him,
You f***n lied, you told me you would be by my side,
If I wouldve known this was gonna happen, I wouldve tried,
And make everything better, instead of letting it rise,
You could never decide, but whats worse you were letting me die, inside.
Youre f***d up, but I dont care cause its over,
Ive been in colder situations now that Im barely sober, and I promise I would my share the I pain i
had with you,
Stay the f***k away from me bitch, I hate you!
There aint nobody around that could save you!
But what you rightly deserve, believe in me, not needing me, never was there, never believing me.

I pulled the trigger, to get her f***ng attention, I shouldve murdered the both of them, but I have
nothin against them,
Ran up six flights of steps ready to sacrifice, wasted my last bullet shooting the sky, that cashed
my life,
Howled at full force, of course, the door had a latch in size, so I kicked it open and noticed her
and her man inside,
I yelled, "DONT ACT LIKE YOU NEVER F***G DESERVED THIS!! " I swung my fist, she fell face
first to the surface,
I blacked her eye, then a***e tried to pull a gat instead, I swiped it from his hand and stabbed him
in the abdomen,
He screamed with dying tones, not once did he act or plea.
Both unconscious, so I covered their bodies with gasoline,
Cant breathe, youre not the bitch I had, never hesistated, then said f***k it, and lit the match,
If only you wouldve cared, you couldeve seen how nice I am,
But you never wanted me, so lets see you die for him.

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