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Versuri Broken Hope - Swamped in gore

A grave - robbed corpse is a souls disgrace,
smother the decay of carcass into your face,
Septic wash drowning in a retched river of
excrement, shriek soundlessly,
Eyeballs burst as skull begins to crush, heads now
nothing but blood pulp and mush,
Disemboweled abdominal organs internal, blood
and guts run in pain so infernal

Hopelessly swamped in gore
Pathetically swamped in gore
Horribly swamped in gore
Gloriously swamped in gore, gore, gore, gore, etc.......

Limbs are sloppily severed, your still alive cannot
walk or grasp brain still registers,
Belly slit intestines spill out upon the floor, in a few
agonized hours life will be no more,
At the moment your entangled in your entrails
death comes bladder bowels let loose, voluntary organs fail,
Bloated ripe cadaver, foul odor reek with might,
breaks open easy maggots ooze everywhere

[repeat chorus]

Reek of meat mortis
Scenes of gore are never ending as your engulfed
in a death pit up to your neck in hellish bile
Dead waste so vile,
Fatty breakdown of flesh and organs after years fill
this cesspool acidic paste eats your body,
Toxic jelly from rot,
Blood, pus, and liquids internal excrete into this
mess vomit bubbles through your chest and neck,
Swamped in gore, gore, gore, gore, etc.........

Limbless on your back, all you do is bleed,
castrated p****s onto tongue, you must force feed,
Disgusting flow of mucous bile and all digestive
juices, blood, saliva, pus, urine, s***, and all vital fluids,
Worse than hydrochloric acid is the fatty
breakdown of flesh and organs fill the pit creating a vulgare paste,
revolting vile rancorous goo eats you alive, soon
you'll be another corpse, Swamped in gore...

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