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Versuri Broken-Hearted Janitors - Metamorphasis

trimise de Deea423Deea423.

Kafka wrote of a man that turned to a butterfly
The butterfly flew straight to China
Flapped its wings a little too hard
Put the tornado in my front yard
And no I'm not in Kansas anymore

The tornado threw me to the Hurricane
The Hurricane knocked me out
In an hour I came to
Found out my lie was true
And hopped the first bus to Berkley

In Berkley there was an earthquake
Broke my heart to the ground
Earthquake shook me loose
Now I'm in Texas where nothing moves
And I think I'll settle down

Well I'm the man who turned to a butterfly
Got the hell out of Dodge
Fully loaded for cleveland
The engine was steaming
And I got on board

I said hello to the girl on the train
And she gave no reply
I said goodbye to the girl on the train
There was a tear in her eye

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