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Versuri Broken-Hearted Janitors - Crush

Girl, ya know you're something else
Sometimes I wish you were someone else

Damn, I see you everyday
And I can't have you anyway

When you talked to me that time on the train
And when I walked you home in the rain
And when you said we should abstain
And now here it goes, my refrain

Cause you made me love
For so long
And I fell so deeply
I fell headlong
Into the pit of my stomach
With the butterflies
All because of a look
Into your eyes

See, now I'm a different man
And now I have no clear plan

And I love my love for you
And it's something I need to follow through

When you kissed my cheek in the car
And I knew I had gotten far
And I knew things might start
And my heart was left ajar


Cause in your eyes
I see heaven
and I can't get higher
Than the skies in your eyes

Now, I waited long time for your call
And I don't have anyone to stop my fall

Cause, when you quit cause all the strife
It put an end to my known life

When you slapped me in front of your friends
And I knew it was the end
No more messages to send
And my life went 'round the bend


And its over now
So its time to go home
And my voice is gone
And the musics done

Too bad we cant go back
to where it had begun


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