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Versuri Whispers across our pillows
- Bridgitte Nicole Tanner

Every whisper, whispered, soft motions across our pillows, delicate words for delicate ears, sweet words for the warming heart, secrets of love that had never been revealed are revealed between our constant whispers across our pillows,.

every breath arises as a new whisper is whispered across our pillows, all of my emotions have finally come out, but in yet the sweetest softest way of the whispers across our pillows,.

with the final milky rays of the moons glow we whisper yet but the tiniest whisper, more delicate than the light of the moon, as we whisper the final whisper across our pillows as soft as a fairy's voice:.

i love you, gently travelling across our pillows to reach your sleeping ears as the sun rises and all is awakened as our final words are nothing but the whispers across our pillows