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Versuri Bread - Belonging

I wanted love so very bad that
I could almost tasted it
And so I gave mine all to you
and hoped you would not wast it
I laid awake the whole night long
and wondered was I wrong
But when you woke and touched my face
I knew that I belonged

Belonging to someone I find is very necessary
The load is lighter on your mind
when someone helps to carry
And even though I'm strong enough
to make it on my own
I would not even care to try
to live my life alone

For if I lived my life alone
with no one to belong to
There'd be no one to pledge my heart
or sing my song of love to
My melodies would soon dry up
and the words would leave me too
It all would come to pass if I
could not belong to you

I wanted love so very bad that
I could almost taste it
And when I gave mine all to you
I knew you would not wast it

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