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Versuri Wake
- Braver

I'm alone in my agony (You say)
This world won't accept me (You say)
All I really need is misery (You say)
No one loves me, I'm nothing
Direct you mind impatient one
Set your goals, restore yourself
Relax your soul, your frail mind
You story is about to be told
Scream, Shout
Relax, just let it go
When will you learn it's in His hand
Who brought you to this world, realize
It's all you need to believe
The mystery that's conceived
And when you feel you're falling down
Get back up, Don't fall down

You feel your life cannot be found
Save your breath, Look around
Just hear this thought inside you soul
I hear your shouts, I fell your pain
You tell me this hurt, it still remains
I hear your words, I hear your cries
Caught in between your alibis
Listen to every word you say
Desensitize them in my prayers
I'm not the one who can save you
Trust the Father that is true
You hear my heart
Crying for your pity
You deny the words
You're breeding self indulgence

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