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Versuri One step further
- Braver

Awake I'm lying on a bed From circumstances that are beside
My old skin, I just want to shed
Lash out from everything left behindSome times it's hard to be myself
Wanna be in disguise until I crawl in and hide
But looking up, I keeps my eye onto the glare as I want to make
One step further as I find a way, a better day to view
One step further as I make a stand to walk further till the end
One step further as I want to reach, I want to reach to the sky
One step further as I aim to be a better man until I die
It seems I used to abuse myself
By stomping this rejection on me
Why do we try to hurt ourselves
By sticking these pins into our lives
But then sometimes, It's hard to see
The vision of light is inside you and me
No need to cry, No need to fail
We can try if we challenge ourselves to go
I'm not afraid to be what I'm becoming
There's no turning back for where I'm runing, or where I want to roam to
Day goes by and still I wonder, what will be of the sky I'm under
Flowing great with deep emotion, wide and strong as the deep blue ocean
My heart is yearning from life commotions
Crying out a thought's emotion
I'm not giving up, my mind is made up, I want to reach for the sky
Until I die
As we walk towards this distant valley, we'll find a way to make it
One step further

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