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Versuri Bravehearts - B train

All aboard! All tha w****!

Yo' We came to take s***t to tha next stage
And all yall muthaf***kas betta be brave
Cause it's that new s***t, exclusive Jungle & Wiz
Roofless, my nigga, straight out tha ridge

What's happenin comrad, you ready for combat
Aint no turnin back, I drank some cognac
I watch my money stack, it's popin like dat
I broke a nigga back wit a baseball bat
I crack ya f***n skull, you need a body bag
Ya family mad and sad, I'll be glad
Ya corpse be layed out in a blood bag
Sneak attack wit tha skee mask in tha mail

See I got no gun range, I got tha block man
I use my gun aim on soggy cornflakes, you best'd run man
No love it's all pain, yall muthaf***kas don't wanna bang
wit my gang
And these bitches ova here wanna give a nigga brain
Got tha stainless? police searchin tha range
They wanna war when I'm doin my thang
Got ice all, chains, and rings, and thangs,
If you don't smoke purple you can't hang
Is you a BraveHeart? To tha grave yall
Iight let's get this muthaf***n paper
Is you a BraveHeart? To tha grave yall
Iight lets' get this money now not later
Cause it's tha B train, tha B train
All tha hoes all aboard! The B train
All tha hoes all aboard! The B train

Yo, yo it don't stop, f***k tha cops, body drop
In tha hood, gun shots, pop alot, get tha cash if you could
I'm in tha shade when tha coke is cookin
I got hoes in La to Brimsville, Brooklyn
Jungle's a king, I'm ballin in Queens
Got yellow ice in my pinky rings
Money on my mind, my hand's on tha nine
Understand my nigga it's all about crime

? block is full of money getters, who know tha difference
between shooters & hitters, buyers & sellers, liars & tellers,
knowin & guessin, ?? wait till I catch 'em, his face, I'ma
step in, these Brave niggas got you in a daze
Knowin got me scoopin all tha bitches gettin paid
I like dat, ill will bringin back QB till tha death
These other niggas is wack
Cause it's the B train, the B train
All the hoes all aboard! The B train
All the hoes all aboard! The B train

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