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Versuri Brave Saint Saturn - Gemini

Breaking news regarding a horrific tragedy with our nation's space program. Apparently there has
been a malfunction of unknown origin aboard the USS Gloria, the manned spacecraft currently in orbit
around the Saturn moon Titan. Preliminary reports are saying that the spacecraft began venting
gasses into space that propelled it into the dark side of Titan. The crew is now out of radio
contact, and officials at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, believe that the possibilities
of the crew surviving a landing on the moon to be very very slim. Right now they are hoping that the
crafthas somehow remained in a stagnant position in the eclipsed orbit of Titan, which would allow
for their survival until a rescue effort could be executed. Presently there is no way for us to know
whether they are alive or dead. Our hopes and prayers go out with you all. Godspeed.

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