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Versuri Brandy - Open

Verse 1:

Oh oh whoa
Whoa oh oh
Oh oh whoa
As long as I've known you
I never thought of us as more than friends (oh oh)
Began with your advances
But I resisted every one of them (yeah yeah)
You were such a playa
And I didn't think that you would ever change
Now a few years later
I'm lovin' you, it's so hard to explain
How we got to where we are?


How'd you do it?
How could you get me so open?
Maybe you're Cupid
Got me fiendin', got me jonesin'
For your kisses
They're so rich
And chocolate coated
Feels like this is
Close to heaven
As I'm gon' get

Verse 2:

Everytime the phone rings
I rush to answer hoping that it's you (yeah)
And everytime I hear a car pull up
I want it to be you (ooh)
I don't know what's better
Kissing you or simply holding hands (oh oh)
The fact that we're together
Is not by chance or any circumstance
And I can't help but wonder



Never, never
Never have I felt this way
About anyone (way about anyone)
Oh I can't imagine
Something bad would happen to you
You're such a big part of me
Yeah yeah
Oh oh

Chorus (4x)

As I'm gon' get (oh oh)
As I'm gon' get (oh oh)
As I'm gon' get (oh oh)

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