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Versuri Brandy - Nodding off

i tried to stay up, cause you're on your way up
for the weekend, said you wanna see me again
said you'd be over, still ain't seen your Rover
lookin out my window it's a quarter to 10
it's about that time, i really can't stay hot
know you wanna kick it, and i was with it
but i won't be trippin if you don't show, or hear you knockin
they got vacancy at the Howard Johnson
you know

Don't try to call me, cause the ringer's off
Don't try to page me, my 2-way is lost
I had a Jones for ya, but it seems you lost
I tried to wait for ya, but I'm noddin' off

i watched Forest Gump and, put something on my stomach
i called my cousin, listened to her gossipin' mouth
touched up my makeup, anything to wake up
trying to take up some time, while I'm waiting it out
what's the hold up, thought you would've rolled up in the driveway
before the day gave
why should i wait, i'm sleepy as hell
and there's no way i can, abort this mission
so listen


no hard feelings
really, I'm already under the cover
please don't be
mad at me, you gotta believe i still love ya


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