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Versuri Brand New Hearts - Pretend

I want to pretend that it's only us
Can we pretend that we've found each other again?
Lets pretend it's summer again
Lets pretend it's raining, and I'm not complaining
But I'm begging you to come see me again.
Just for one more night, please,
Let me show you the stars,
Let me fall into your arms in the midnight hours.
Lets pretend that my hand's in yours again
You only worry about her every now and then.
Lets pretend we're each others only care in the world
Let me tell you just how amazing you are,
and how your smile gets me every time
Lets pretend that that evening never crossed our paths
And we're still entangled in each others dreams every single night.
Can we pretend that we don't have to forget
About all the things we forgot to say
Because this time will come again
Sooner than either of us believe
Maybe we'll grow separately
But I will always believe that it has been fate
Fate has kept us alive
But it will eventually kill us in the end.

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