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Versuri Cat
- Bob Seger

Daughter, daughter, don't do that, don't do that
But daddy, I said don't do that, alright.

Little cat, all alone, somewhere in the midwest
Where'd you go, who'll you be,
Maybe you'll turn out to be the best
Who knows, who knows, come on, yeah yeah
Cat cat cat cat.

Every day, new day, every way, wrong way
Who'd have seen, who'd have thought
Nothing but, your tomorrow
Where and when
It doesn't matter
As long as we do it again
Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat.

Hello, who are you
You know something, I'm someone too
I want to be with you, if it's all right
Gonna take you with me, make you feel all right

Yes I have a little place, please don't feel any disgrace
I wouldn't hurt you, you know that
Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat.

Yes you're quite alone, how do you feel
I'm so glad, look in the bed
Take it easy, everything will be just fine
You don't seem to be afraid
That's wonderful
No I have no hangups
I have no hangups
How about you
You like to do it
Nothing wrong with that
What do you mean you hate your mother
Oh well come on little more a litlle more
Can I, please
Be my cat..
Cat cat oh oh ahhh