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Versuri Key of heart (eng)
- Boa

trimise de Moon_GirlMoon_Girl.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la.

Though we are in love
Sometimes we do hurt each other,
Dry and cry
Everyone has a such experience.

I don't know the reason why
I could not find the word to get you back.

And I turned my back to you going out
I don't want love your lovein fact.

Looking for the world
Just a simple word
To open up closing door of your heart
But it's hard for me to say
I'm sorry
I don't lose my faith
I don't lose my nerve
Let me go to see you to say the word
Not to be afraid to face the fear
Is the key of heart.

(I believe in love, two hearts)
(I believe in love, two hearts).

Thousands of your smile
Getting back when I look back on those days of us
Now I feel they are still calling me.

Maybe you're the same as me

Searching for the chance to make it up now
I believe you to be waiting for me
I'll be with you shortly.

Looking for the word
Just a simple word
To open up closing door of my heart
Let me try to say just once I'm sorry
Now I close my eyes
Wishing for your smile
My heart beat is synchronize with your one
Not to make up my mind to reach you
Is the key of heart.

To meet in this world
Is just a wonder
Now I want to say I was born to love,
full in love with you,
live in your future
Open up your door
Wrap me in your arms
Let me dive into your heart once again
To try to keep our story going on
Is the key of heart.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la

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