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Versuri Bluetones - Liquid lips

Ugly hyena
Your misdemeanor,
Reveals the truth beneath your veneer
Filthy quizling, empty changeling
Not quite as lily-white as you once appeared
Are you aware of what you're doing?
Do you even care just who you're screwing

Back stabber, money grabber
You want to grind my bones to climb the ladder
Insipid, and weak with it
But I mistook you for a kindred spirit
And to think that you almost fooled us
With promises and acquired kudos

Liquid lips wants
Liquid lips gets
Liquid lips too shallow to have any regrets
Liquid lips suck
Liquid lips blow
liquid lips knows how the conspiracy goes
Liquid lips once
Liquid lips twice

Some men will love you
Some men will hate you
Some men just seem intent to disintegrate you
Without a motive, without a reason
Maybe your kinda face just ain't in season
You got a style that is so attractive
But when you smile it's radioactive


Are you aware of what you're doing?
Do you even care just who you're screwing?

Liquid lips baby you would sleep on ice
Liquid lips over
Liquid lips out

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