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Versuri Ballerina girl
- Blue System

She read the news, she was alone
A one-way ticket flight to rome
She left the town, a lonely child
Breaking out, she's running wild
She's dancing like the majesty
She said : "it's over now"
All the best things in life are free
She'll take it anyhow.

Dream on, dream on, ballerina girl
On a clear day, you can see forever
Dream on, dream on, ballerina girl.

I wanna stay with you together
Love me like there's no tomorrow
Love me, i'll take your sorrows
Oh, darling, here comes your fool again.

A fools parade, no helping hand
Like alice in the wonderland
A girl like you, a boy like me
A broken flame, eternity
Losing more and more each day
She wins a sea of dreams
Baby, you will guide my way
Baby, oh it seems