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Versuri Blue Period - It's over

We let it go on for so long
When we knew the truth all along
What did everyone say?
They all said we didn't belong
We laughed and said that they were all wrong
Looks like they finally got their way

When it's all been said and done
You're not the only one
Who can say that
It's better now to be this way, and
When the night turns into day
And there's nothing left to say
Then we know that it's over

Now you think it was such a waste
Pretend it's gone without a trace
You knew just what to say
You said that you need your own space
And now you're seen all over the place
You know, you're such a cliché

It went for so long
Was it all wrong?
Did you fake it?
Or turn it on
When it was all gone?

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