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Versuri You must be crazy
- Blu Cantrell

verse 1
you must be twisted, must be trippin' if you're thinking that i'm
gonna keep on messing with you baby
i gave you love i gave you trust,
i gave you everything, but it was never enough.

i'm tired of your stress, so don't u waste your breath,
all i got for you is good-bye baby.

you must be crazy, must be stupid, must be out of your mind
to think i'm gonna stay here baby
so keep your lying, keep your cheating,
cause i'm doing just fine, i'll be alright.

verse 2

every girl was a friend, every truth was a lie,
u had me going in circles baby
all night long you'd be out, doing your dirt no doubt,
i guess my love ain't that blind.

b-section (repeat)
hook (repeat)
i guess our sun dosen't shine, guess the stars r not right
for you and me to be one
guess it's just not our time though it hurts to let you go
hope you kno that i pray you grow
as a man even though..

hook (repeat out)