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Versuri Blaxy Girls - Dear mama (original)

trimise de Yo_Adelina17Yo_Adelina17.

Dear Mama

Every word that keeps my smile alive
You were always there to set me free
'cause you are there and even though I'm blind
You can clear my eyes again to see

Thanking God for all you are and been
And for everything you did to me
Oh I need your smile to stay alive
Can't you see?

Oh dear mama I need you, need your arms
Oh dear mama you're my defense
Oh dear mama I can't breath thinking you might fly up
Oh dear mama don't you leave me

You are present in my every prayer
I feel blessed if you can breath each day
When you smile It means a lot to me
If you cry I pray to set you free

Please forgive me if I made you cry
Every day I just keep asking why
My behavior tock your smile away
But you see

How can you believe
That you can deceive?
You're the kindest person I've ever known
Prepared for each fight
You kept me alive
With every word!

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