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Versuri 10000, 000000, 00000000
- Blacker

Wishes in the world is what everyone wishes for
(except for blue ketchup, yuk)
And the imagine if we got just that
Would we waste it? (yeah!!)
Would we taste it? (erm, It depends!!)
Would I be racist? (I don't know!!)
We'd be happy thats for sure (hell yeah).

What if we had 10000, 000000, 00000000 pounds?
Would we be up or would we be down?
Would we happy? for a while we would
And we will lose it like we never understood.

What if we saw spiderman 2 before it got to the theatre
And then we saw she saw it? we hate her

She was lying on my dinnerplate? we ate her
And she wore disgusting clothes? state of her
(well if I had the money I'd buy some lager, oh mmmmmm)
Lets dispose of this horrendous alligater.


Do we have 10000, 000000, 00000000 pounds?
(Um, No I suppose we don't)
Would we like it
(no I'd HATE to have loads of money and be rich, dufus!)
And if we caught the bitch smoking up some h*****n
We'd get ridda the s***t and tie her up til dawn
(don't be so harsh...).