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Versuri Foolish love
- Big Bang

trimise de Onlly_HumanOnlly_Human.

[SR] (yea, yea) i think (of you) again like a bad habit
i get tired of this hard life so I countlessly
laugh when i think of you, cry when i miss you
i got tired (of it) and fell asleep.

[YB] your love makes you feel difficult, so you turn around like a rough wind
my lack of understanding, uncertain future, i couldn't take it anymore.

[DS] i wanted to wipe the tears around (your) wetted eyes
but the image reflected in your eyes
isn't me, it's someone else baby.

[YB] don't lie baby, tell me 'this isn't it'
your head looks down and you can't say anything; why are you making me miserable
[DS/SR] why do you feel sorry for me? stop now, leave after making me hate you foolish love left with wounds; bye bye.

[SR] everything's gonna be alright, right.

[TOP] (uh) love came and left again like a migratory bird
"my heart hurts more, " i tell you endlessly but you were stubborn everyday
[GD] (just like) smoking a hit (you can) forget about (us) already as if it's easy
"meet another woman and live well, " huh? (ok? or aiite?)
(T/N: he means she can throw away their relationship and wish him well like it's easy).

[TOP] friend, what did i tell you, i'm not sure about her

[SR] (once a glass cup is broken, it's hard to put it back together)
yo a game with an expected ending, nothin' never ever change
i felt more anxious while i was watching from the sidelines.

[GD] look, she will fall asleep while nestling in another guy's arms
she will come looking for you a year or 2 later (let him go girl)
(T/N: this verse gets confusing b/c TOP & GD are having a dialogue with e/o).

Repeat Chorus.

[DS] i hoped that you would hold me a bit more, but it's useless now
[YB] my stupid shadow is now left alone and wandering around on this dimmed street
i think i am still waiting for you.

[TOP] i feel pity, you aren't that bad;
[GD] i feel pity, why do you end up with those kind of girls
[TOP] i feel pity, what she gave you is a nightmare;
[GD] i feel pity, for you, not your girl.

Repeat Chorus.

[SR] everything's gonna be alright, right, yea yea.. foolish person.