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Versuri Bee Gees - With my eyes closed

Say you never send me away
Makin' me a memory and
Tellin' me to find me a life
Change, there's no changing,
What cannot be changed,
And you are witness to a silent conversation,
Nothin' but the black of night,
No-one ever take your place
Gotta let the pantomime
Not to worry, my telepathy
I bring you into me there's be no separation

And I tell you
I will climb inside your world
And all my history
Must revolve around this girl

And I can see with my eyes closed
I can feel you when you're near me
Just the knowing that you
Hear me, could be
You could measure my love
I can touch you with my hands tied
It don't take no extra feeling
Let your imagination, just run
You can measure my love

And they tell you
They can stop those tears you cry
And we can ride that storm together
And all the love that lasts forever
And forever, and forever

Cling to the vine and the vine never breaks
It's a message from a ship to shore
For the soul and the sacrifice
There's no fury,
Like a woman scorned,
We could be victims of a lethal combination

It's the hour
It's the sword that hides the stone
And one of us holds the power
There to forge our hearts together
Here forever, and forever

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