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Versuri Bee Gees - Radiate

Verse 1
Sunday mornin', it's a quarter to five
You keep on talkin' like your love is a prize
Bird in flight, spreadin' her wings
Sittin' pretty in a city of sin

Release 1
I don't mind, adventure with a stranger
Trouble deep at the scene of the crime
Testify, that I'm not superstitious
It's tough enough, to find out why you

Radiate... you bait your love with money
Celebrate... a body to behold
Generate... a state of wild emotion
Don't waste your money, my love is not for sale

Verse 2
Funny faces in the shadows of night
Pain and pleasure is your only disguise
Radiate, your fate's on the fire
Stay awake, love is a lie

Release 2
In the street, life is your creation
Trouble deep if you wake up on your own
I'm a slave to sweet investigation
It's tough enough to find out why you



Chorus 3 times to fade

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