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Versuri Bee Gees - For whom the bell tolls


I stumble in the night
Never really knew what it would've been like
You're no longer there to break my fall
The heartache over you
I'd give it everything but I couldn't live through
I never saw the signs
You're the last to know when love is blind

All the tears and the turbulent years
When I would not wait for no-one
Didn't stop and take a look at myself
And see me losing you

When the lonely heart breaks
It's the one that forsakes
It's the dream that we stole
And I'm missing you more
Than the fire that will roar
There's a hole in my soul
For you it's good-bye
For me it's to cry
For whom the bell tolls

Seen you in a magazine
A picture at a party where you shouldn't have been
Hanging on the arm of someone else
I'm still in love with you
Won't you come back to your little boy blue
I've come to feel inside
This precious love was never mine

Now I know but a little too late
That I could not live without you
In the dark or the broad daylight
I promise I'll be there


Now I know there'll be times like this
When I couldn't reach out to no-one
Am I never gonna find someone
Who knows me like you do
Are you leaving me a helpless child
When it took so long to save me
Fight the devil and the deep blue sea
I'll follow you anywhere
I promise I'll be there




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