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Versuri Bathory - Of doom

Hold high our banner black, the three flames in red
Brothers and sisters
Hail, proudly raise your heads
Through you we've reached out to just every nation
You kept us alive with your love and dedication
Bathory Hordes is the united force, we are all born of one womb
The mightiest of hordes born through faith and belief
Hail now the sign of the black mark and of doom...

You kept your faith, you mailed us your Hails
You spread our name and commotion
You are the ones who believes
and supports and that's called shear bloody
f***g devotion

The creature with red eyes, the symbol we've chosen
To guide us or fool us but together we can't lose
Brothers and sisters under black moon
Hail high the sign of the black mark and of doom...
Wearing our name B. A. T. H. O. R. Y.,
on T-shirts and badges, we salute thy
You thrashing f***g lunatics forever you'll live in our hearts
Hail high sign our faith the black mark...

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