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Versuri Barathrum - Halfheart

the shepherdess and the sheep
the domina and the slave
half heart of the sheep
symbol of the weak one
the shepherdess and the sheep
the shepherdess and the herd
half heart of the sheep
just another sheep of the herd

only half of the heart
it is simply not enough
not enough to survive
to survive by itself

halfheart so weak
no own power and will
no power at all
half heart of the sheep

half hearted sheep, in safe of shepherdess
no own will to live, just waiting for the end
only half of the heart, it is simply enough
half heart of the sheep, just another sheep of the herd

beast wanders in night
beast in the hunt
beast lies in ambush
beast attacks to the prey

beast with full heart
beast so brave and so strong
beast attacks to it's prey
beast and the half hearted prey

fatal force in the jaws
lacerates the sheep
better for the prey
to get quick death

merciless hunter bites
tears to countless pieces
the flesh of the prey
and blood colours ground red

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