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Versuri The banshee song
- Ballydowse

Closed my eyes by a violent river filled
with thoughts that left me shiver
longed for a land to be delivered
where the young don't catch the ship
fair voice ran cross my ears
sadness drenched for many years
she'd had enough of the children's tears
their cries had reached the judgement seat.

i heard the banshee mark the day of the death
of kings both strong and cruel
forgive me father if my eyes are dry
but i've seen too much of their rule.

thought she dwelled only in stories
but there she stood on the green before me
pale blue eyes and a terrible glory
of one who sees the end of thing
thru wars and workhouse she had traveled
watched so many lives unraveled
held her breath upon the gavel

now would justice come at last.

i saw the bansee in the houses of power
she was beautiful beyond all belief
this time she came for the heartless killers
and no one found any grief.

woke again with a sudden shiver
found a land still undelivered
thru myself in a violent river
and swam against the cursed pull
all our myths and dreams and longings
filled with tyrants' final fallings
gardens lost and echoes calling
adam, where are you?.

i saw the banshee in the hands of my Lord
only mercy held her release
but nothing's forgotten and
nothing's overlooked
everything sowed is reaped
nothing's forgotten and
nothing's overlooked
the eye of God never sleeps