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Versuri By my side
- Backstreet Boys

Tonight I saw an eclipse of your smile
Within my own reflection on you look
So beautiful then
A tear ran down my face
And all my memories erase
Oh, why you have to leave my side.

Oh why do all the rivers flow into the ocean
And why does all the love in the world
comes strait from the heart
And why does all the pain I feel
come from deep inside
Oh all those questions
I could have answered
If you were were by my side.

Something made me look at you

Something made me do what I had to do, girl
Something made me talk to you
Something made me do what I should do
I want you by my side
(I want you by my side, I want you by my side).

Now everyday the pain I feel
Slowly fades away
And all the memories of you and me
Are always here to stay
What I'm asking girl is one more chance
To let me in your life
Oh could if you give me one more chance
Than I could be right by your side