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Versuri Like this
- Backbone

feat. Blvd. International, Odd Ball
Uh-oh, uh-oh.
Uh-oh, uh-oh..

It's like that y'all! (Oh my, it's like this!)
It's like that y'all! (No, uh-uh, it's like this!)
It's like that y'all! (No, uh-uh, it's like this!)
It's like that y'all! (No, uh-uh, it's like this!).

[Odd Ball]
Man, we ride top peel't back, (Uh-huh) chapstick with the shine
Know what they know 'bout that, (Uh-huh) on the mission to get mine
I'm ridin with Fat Cracks (Heyy!) Slic Patna one of a kind
Man Shawty Putt, got my back, drop down, drop of a dime
Now go on girl! Let's see ya shake it 'til you can't shake it no more
This for my folk, posted up in the cut, we chief in control
Now what it is y'all, mayne, I thought y'all already know
I'm old school like the hubcaps with them folds, now take it slow
I'm just rollin man, ho patrollin, pistol holdin
and hopin to stack up my cheese, before the mo'nin
Cuz somethin, sho' got to give out here, we bumpin
Like two fifteens off in yo' trunk, this s***t been thumpin.


Uh-huh. Yeah
He ain't talk that s***t in every rhyme he wrote (Huh?)
I turn around and rock-n-roll with Shawdy Lo (Huh?)
I stand before ya, check the tag for authenticity
Gon' make ya know - I got my Slic Patna off in here wit me
See Shawdy make a play, he's a ten year veteran
Take these young G's to school, learn 'em a lesson,
'bout me (Huh?) Shawdy with the gold tooth grin
Play the cut low-key, D-Boy, get it in
Call in Front Street, (Uh-huh) make sure they got the money right
From Trump's tree, we brought heat for when these niggas run up on me.

It don't stop it don't quit
You hear me talkin nigga, it's like this.

[Hook - 2x].

{*Blvd. Int. yelling in Spanish*}.

[Blvd Int] De deje
[BackBone] I told ya
{repeat both parts 8x}.

A dark cloud bring the storm, the natural born {*thunder*}
I, give it to 'em raw, in it's purest form
That THING, they JUMP IN, know what I MEAN?
That thing holla, (Back-a-bone!) with the thing
I'm, So Fresh, So Clean, never no frap'
I'm, going to the club, bulls***t ya not!
SWAT, GA, I'm from that A-T-L-A-N-T-A-G-A
Cascade, with a clichÚ, smoke some (*inhales*)
Burn it down, keep it workin all across town
Break bread, tell them young niggas 'Put down'
OK, Slic Patna is you wit me (Fo' sho', ya right!)
Lil' buddy tell 'em what it hit like!.

[Odd Ball]
Man you know these hoes chose, a nigga spit that pimp s***t
These niggas hate, cuz we grippin wood when we whip s***t
Win or lose, I'ma be the first nigga to rip s***t
A double T-I-C, we gon' tell ya some good s***t
If that girl ain't got no dinner fixed, dip, f***k that bulls***t
Never slip, one in the chamber for all that punk s***t
Didn't write schemes, my whole team on some money s***t
Come tell me right, my folk ain't down wit that funny s***t
Some niggas I know, been steady flexin on that bunny s***t
Roll up some dope and they swear that they runnin s***t
I caught my man and these hoes, they know some other s***t
Don't tell your life is hemp, Slic Patna runnin s***t.

[Hook - 4x].

{*music until fade*}