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Versuri Babyface - Saturday

Just gonna chill tonight
With you by my side
And look into your eyes
We gonna mellow out
Lay back on the couch
And maybe just unwind
And we don't care about what others might say
That we don't never ever go anyplace
'Cause we're all that we need
And that's where we want to be
'Cause we're so, so, so much in love

And that's the way love flows
That's the way it goes
On a saturday night (Saturday, S, S, S, Saturday)
That's the way love flows
Everybody knows
Couldn't be more right
(Saturday, S, S, S, Saturday)

Maybe take a ride
By the oceanside
And watch the sun go down
Play the radio
Jam to somethin' slow
Hey, tell me how that sounds
And as the night takes over the day
Let's initiate the love that we'll make
And that's just what we'll do
'Cause we're into me and you
Because we're so, so, so much in love

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