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Versuri Babyface - Mary mack

Oh Mary Mack
All dressed in black
With silver buttons
All down her back
Say you found another lover
Instead of me
Tell ya what I'm gonna do
I'm gon' set you free

When you leave my sight
When you go
It's no mystery
I'm not blind
To your whereabouts
And it's time
You came clean with me
In your heart
You belong to me
But it's clear
Where you'd rather be
And though it hurts
And it could break my heart
Baby I wanna know
When it concerns me

All I wanna know
Is when he kissed your lips
Did it feel the same as me
And if it does
Then I will let you go
I will bow out gracefully

Oh Mary Mack
Oh Mary Mack

If your love is real
Then you
Would not lie to me
Ooh girl
And if you love me still
Then explain
Explain this hotel key
It's kinda sad
After all I've done
That you
Would turn your back on me
Was it love
Or did he twist your arm
To make you turn away
Turn away from me

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