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Versuri Babyface - It's no crime

Calling all cars [REPEAT]

I never thought that
I could feel this way
You came around and
Brought about a change in me

I was a typical guy
You came along and blew my mind
You were runnin' fast
I was runnin' slow
Everybody said that it would not work
Love came and set me free
You were standing there to rescue me
Love caught it, we thought
Why can't we be in love, well

Why, it's no crime
If I'm guilty of love
Let me do my time
Why, it's no crime
Everybody needs love
And baby (so do I)

You never thought love
Came so easily
No doubt about it
Never in your dreams, no way

You were a typical girl
You came along and changed my world
I walk slow
You walk fast
Everybody said that it could not last
Love came inside of me
Never knew how good our love could be
Love caught it, we thought
Why can't we be in love, well

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