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Versuri Babyface - Imagination

each dae through my window, i watch him as he passes by,
and i say to myself im so lucky he's so fly,
to have a boy like him, is truley a dream come, out of all tha gyrlies in tha world he belongs 2 u

but it was just my imagination, running away wif me, im tellin u it was just my imagination, running
away with me

verse 2:/
so we'll get married and raise a family, (og yea)
have a cosy little crib in tha country wif 2 children mayb 3, i tell u i can plez u all nite long
baby oh, it coulnt b a dream cos too real it all seems oh oh.....


every nite on my knees i pray, dear lord hear my plea yea, dont ever let another take his love from
me or i will surley die, ???? wif ur arms and hold me i have a tenderapsety, but in reality he
dosent even know me

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