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Versuri Babyface - Illusions

You've gotta be
Outta your mind
You've gotta be
The best thing ever in my life
So why would i be
Taking a chance
Of losing the one most important thing
That I can call mine

When you know that I love you so much
And I never could love you enough
Girl the one thing I know I won't do
I won't break your heart
I love you

You much be trippin'
With an illusion
'Cause I don't sleep around
I don't sneak around
Girl stop your trippin'
With your illusions
Gotta stop now
'Cause I don't sneak around

Girl we should be
Having a time
We shouldn't be
Fighting each and every night
I don't understand
How you could feel
I've been untrue and so unfaithful
Girl you're making me ill

When you know that I've been there for you
Anything that you asked, I would do
In my heart of all hearts, I've been true
And I don't deserve this
Not from you

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