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Versuri Babyface - How did he love you

Artist: Babyface
Album: Unknown
Title: How Did He Love You

Written by jon b. (1995)
Performed by after 7

Wake up in the morning to our song
It's torture 'cause i left the radio on
Don't wanna turn it off reminiscing about you
I guess i'm gonna leave the damn thing on
'cause it's sitting across the room

I've gotta spend my days working hard
To come home to myself
Trying to get you out of my mind
Thinking of the things we used to do
I try to compensate for you
But nothing seems to work
Baby, can i ask you

How did he love ya
Does he want ya
Does he wake up in the night
Just to stare at you asleep
Does he hold ya
Does he flaunt ya
Does he do it, do it
Like we did it back at home, at home, at home

Just thinking about the way
That we made love
Just layin' all day and squeezin' each other tight
I miss those days, oh baby, would you bring them back
It's not right for me tonight baby

How does it feel
To know you hurt someone so bad, now baby
How do you live with yourself
You're probably out there having fun with your other man
Well i don't give a damn, baby
Come back to me girl

Hook 2 times

I don't give a damn where you are, oh girl baby come back home to your man home to your love i must
be a fool, girl no i don't understand why you left - no please justify your reason then come back
please come back

Hook 2 times

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