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Versuri B2K - Happy

You know what? (what?) I loved you. (um hum) even though you
treated me wrong (oh c'mon now) and I know I'm supposed to sad
(uh huh) but I got a new man now, and he treats me better than you
& you know what? (what) I'm happy for you. listen

Verse1: last night I was thinkin bout back in the days, when and I were
so happy together every way, but now I'm reminicing I could see the
signs was right in front of my face, so I guess you was right across my
eyes, say you love me. (say you love me, whatever) um um, (so completely
whatever) I see you was wrong, but guess what baby.

Chorus:I got a smile on my face, a trip to take on to get over you, I
really ain't got no attitude, I found that my love used to crave my love
used to crave my love for you and that's the truth, boy I'm happy for.

Verse2:listen: Shorty it was only one mistake can you forgive me,
(nope), you and me we've got a special thing I can't let you go no,
(oh it's like that), One more time girl you know I got you, you know
I'll take care of you, give you anything, be the man you want me to be,
your everything, you know I love you, oh. girl I love you (whatever)
let me show you (whatever) oh I know I was wrong yeah yeah yeah


Bridge:C'mon tell me how does it make you feel to know I don't need
your love, I'm happy for you, (dang It's like that) C'mon tell me how
does it make you feel to know that he has your girl, I'm happy for you,
I'm tellin you what I got.


Song fades out......

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